Of a moody lodge beset by light and weather

nighttime water lined with treesTwo weekends ago, I spent some days in a fantastic waterside lodge for a wedding in south Georgia. Above, a view of the little lake. Mossed-draped trees trace menacing silhouettes across the water. This was late at night, and the frogs were singing— an orchestra louder than the nighttime city.
lake with trees as a storm approaches
The lake, seen Saturday afternoon, just before the storm descended, bringing winds, thunder, lightning, and wide curtains of rain. I sat on the wide porch under its corrugated metal roof during the whole storm, and enjoyed the display immensely.
deer head hunting trophies on a wall in the wooden lodgea rocking chair on the vast porchtaxidermy rabbit in the interior of the lodgetaxidermy deer head trophy with a dramatic angle to his neckEverywhere in the lodge were taxidermied deer and various other beasts, giving the feeling of a hunting lodge (despite being hired out primarily for weddings).the lodge and the lake in sunset silhouette lightview of the lake with trees reflected on the water's surface


In which we await hurricane Irene

I’m scheduled to be at a wedding on Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, it’s slated to take place on the beach at Montauk, the furthest end of the south fork of Long Island. Poor timing to say the least. Weather.com is still saying it will be sunny and windy,  high of 76 and 0% chance of rain that day, so provided the LIRR is up and running (or the MTA and the Hampton Jitney), I may be able to go if it’s still on. (Provided, of course,  the beach is still there.)

In the meantime, Brooklynites are in the shops stocking up for the coming storm! I’ve just been out to drop off laundry and pick up some supplies in case this gal doesn’t drop in intensity by the time it reaches NY (as they generally do).

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