Deeds and misdeeds

He was long ago sealed into to the wall— made part of the wall— with a spell. All the years since, visitors and passersby have presumed he’s just another sculptural embellishment of the palazzo. His consciousness remains, though— eyes, frozen, he still sees; his ears still hear. 

Being a mute and immovable witness is a torture for obvious reasons, yet his tenure has shown him the full breadth of human existence in miniature— from the most touching moments of affection between two people, to vivid misdeeds perpetrated against one another. 

He’s bone weary. Part of him wishes for an end to this helpless consciousness, but he remains ever alert for the next tender moment. It’s his undying hope that the tally of deeds v. misdeeds will always remain well out of balance.


Drypoint close-ups

Palazzo Pitti drypoint print

I finally had a chance to go back to the studio to pick up the prints I worked on before the Brooklyn Plague hit. These will be for sale at the upcoming 3rd Ward Handmade Holiday Craft Market on Saturday Dec 4 (tomorrow), as well as at Brooklyn Craft Central’s Holiday Market on December 18th!

Above is one of the prints of a Florence street lamp in the square at the Palazzo Pitti, and after the jump is the one of some archway lamps in the Palais Royal in Paris…

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More dry point prints…

the drying rack at end of day

Two new prints yesterday. I worked at a less frenzied, more enjoyable pace this time, so fewer prints, but better overall quality I think. I really enjoyed the process of wiping the ink this time- even more meticulous, despite these being much smaller plates (2.5″ square each). Some samples after the jump.

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