Day twenty-four: The mystery had only just begun

ink drawing of a pile of ephemera and a key

Day twenty-four: When at last she’d completed ministrations to her old-new house in such ways that compelled her, she returned to the leathery old box— a delicious reward. Retrieved from its out-of-the-way place of safe-keeping (much to Cat’s chagrin), she opened it. It contained the following:

+ One journal; worn but not ruined
+ One sheaf of very old photographs (same)
+ One packet of post-cards, written long ago (in surprisingly decent nick)
+ One iron key, threaded on a threadbare plaited tassel

The mystery had only just begun.

+   +   +


Day eighteen: A great old iron key or handle

ink drawing of an old keyDay eighteen: A great old iron key or handle was in the garden where she was digging up weeds to plant bulbs for the Spring. She determined to find out what it fitted in, if it was indeed part of the house.


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Day three: Rook-splays in the marshland

Inktober day 3: drawing of some deer in a swamp

Just beyond the bordering fields, some rook-splay deer hopscotched across the rocks and pools of the marshland beneath a waxing gibbous moon.

+   +   +

Below is the sketch that precipitated the finished drawing. Sometimes I can’t tell whether I prefer the quick sloppy sketches or the clean finished drawings.

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