It is quiet, and all the city’s a snow globe this bright morning

I’ve been given a snow day from work on account of this storm (referred to by meteorologists as a Bombogenesis, Bomb Cylone, and Winter Storm Greyson). It has settled in Brooklyn in the form of a persistent and blanketing snowfall out the window all morning, and not a soul around.

It inspired me to make this little animation from my ink drawings back in October. And now I’ll try to get some work done.

The book featuring these and other drawings can be found at

The music is Autumn in New York, by the Bill Charlap Trio. So good.


An ordinary day in winter

drawing of snow and buildings

An ordinary day in winter, in December. Corridors of pine trees on the sidewalks of the city, chopped in service to the feast day turned holy day at solstice time; people scurrying to and fro, carrying bags and bundled up; the early dark punctuated by shoplights, headlights, and now the many and varied lights of the season, cheerful and outlandish.

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