india ink blotsI remember when I was younger there was a sort of general consensus around the idea that New Yorkers* were among the most self-obsessed, narcissistic assholes on the planet, especially artist and academic types†. And, I don’t know, maybe that was true.

Things have changed though. Through the power of technology (smart phones, social media, &c) now nearly everyone is a self-obsessed narcissistic asshole— it‘s a goddamned epidemic!

Have you ever run into someone, and you’re like ‘Hey what’s new?’ and they start telling you about some ongoing saga in the middle, because they assume you‘re up-to-date via their posts on Facebook or whatever?

Now that is some self-absorbed narcissistic shit! And it‘s pretty common! Here‘s some homework you can do, in case you‘re feeling a little guilty.

Repetition in ink of "I'm self-absorbed as fuck"

*LA must have been a close second.

†My schoolmates and I (yes, art school) found this notion hilarious and kinda‘ leaned into it for awhile; it seemed a very Fluxus thing to do.

tagged: 25 things

This is a Facebook bit of nonsense.  “Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you…” Etc. May as well put it here, too, now I’ve spent the time.

1. I’ve been wrestling with a cowlick above my right temple since I can recall.

2. I was addicted to Gilmore Girls.

3. I despise the phrase “On the same page”.

4. I love a brand new, empty sketchbook– full of possibility.

5. A nap on a summer’s afternoon, with sun and a breeze coming in the window, is a luxurious simple pleasure.

6. I don’t like pasta al dente and it irritates me that one is supposed to.

7. I battle between acquiescence and resistance.

8. I think fluorescent colors and fluorescent lights are contributors to what’s wrong with this world.

9. I believe watching/listening to the News too much can make it more difficult to be a force for good.

10. I don’t have health insurance.

11. I am a pack rat– I become irrationally attached to things, even when I’m not at all sure why I’m saving them.

12. I read the advice column on over coffee on most weekday mornings.

13. Weird porcelain kitsch makes me smile but I don’t collect it.

14. Pet peeve: poor grammar, spelling, punctuation

15. I enjoy wearing skirts but I’m always cold, so I wear pants most of the time.

16. In recent years the [number of ideas for art projects I’ve had] v. the [number of projects I’ve actually executed] has become a very poor ratio to my thinking.

17. Pratt Institute still owes me my diploma.

18. I love objects and books that are over 100 years old, or that look like they could be.

19. I appreciate being a freelancer because I enjoy spending great chunks of time alone.

20. I learned how to dance a Polka on the sand at Coney Island on a cold, empty autumn day, many years ago. (I’ve forgotten the steps.)

21. I miss having giant fishes swimming around in a tank in my house.

22. I prefer my toenails painted (as opposed to unpainted).

23. I’ve never understood the popularity of Eames furniture.

24. I glean hope and reassurance from Tove Jansson’s Moomin books.

25. I am a compulsive list-maker.