Scaffolding for memory


The rain has stopped. The men from next door are talking neighborly, I can hear them now I’ve just opened the window. I like the sound of tires on the still-wet pavement as a car goes by. A quiet section of the city, this last handful of blocks before the cemetery bisects the avenue, not to reemerge ’til down in Sunset. I like where the road bends, transitions seamlessly from avenue to street block— just an easy curve following the bend in the high iron fence that separates the dead from the living.

One of the reasons I write so much—keep records, organize photos by year, date every last drawing in my sketchbooks— is that I know how impressible and fallible memory is. We think things are so clear and true in our memories— but when there are records against which to hold them, they often reveal themselves to be as fluid as dreams, endlessly rewritable.

My sketchbooks are records as much as anything else. Books of days, of weeks, years. Not in a journaled sense (rarely, anyway), but in the sense they can tell me, through parallels, what was going on in my life at almost any given time.

That’s what this blog is for, too. It’s scattered, I’ve no single thesis, really— at least not on the surface of things. But through it I can reconstruct a great deal. The words, the photographs, drawings— it’s all scaffolding for memory.


An aim to establish some schedule

bit of old map and sketches

Sketches, Jan 21Three weeks into the new year’s January. Best of intentions, and all that, but work has been steady and hard-hitting for the dead of Winter, and so I’ve not yet established a schedule with which to be more timely or consistent on this blog (something I’m interested in doing). I think the best way to do that is to get ahead by a few entries; have some things more-or-less ready to go in one’s pocket; it just hasn’t happened yet on account of other deadlines.

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Twas last year at around this time

That i began *anew* this blog (on WordPress).

How quickly a year passes! I’ve just had a glance through things in blog form, having begun this dubious experiment in ’05, and it has been helpful in the recollecting but I’ll add that it’s also made the space of nearly five years feel rather compressed. One thing I’m happy to see through this lens is an increase in art-making*, and in involvement with my own damn life†.

And… I think that’ll do it for tonight.

*if it’s not too crude a phrase
†ditto on the *

from the Week of December 3, 2009

graph paper map
A graph paper map of the town in Lili Spooner.

I’m just going to set this particular Breszny ‘scope down here on my tablet of endless what-not so it may serve as a reminder to me in the coming year, the year 2010– time to start building a masterpiece.

Big shiny egos with flashy tricks may be mucking around in everyone’s business, calling narcissistic attention to themselves as they pretend to do noble deeds. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll be doing the hard, detailed work that must be done to serve the greater good — quietly and unpretentiously improving people’s lives without demanding major tribute. That approach will stir up some sleek, silky karma that will come in handy when you undertake the building of your masterpiece in 2010.

While I’m here, I may as well do some list-making, as it’s been awhile.
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This morning I migrated my whole “Untidy Revelations” archive from Blogger. Have intentions of doing this CSS thing, but the week runs short so it will have to wait. I’m interested in learning more about it, and have been learning a bit about tags v. categories. Still more refining to do in that category, but when it imported, all of my tags came in as categories, so it’s been a slow process.

This afternoon Kim and I are going to the MOMA. There is a Pipilotti Rist installation, plus the museum in general- I haven’t been out to look at art in awhile. Ohm and it’s so much warmer today- 39 degrees F according to my online sources! Joy!


I’m contemplating whether or not to upgrade to Custom CSS in this realm. Honestly, I’m perfectly happy with my blogger blog, but getting my head around setting up a fully-functional site on WordPress is on my list of things to do in 2009. Hell, it’s only 15 bucks, I may as well do it. For now, this is just a placeholder, though.


It’s Saturday noon, and I have been reading a friend’s blog. I have read a few in the past couple of months, and I am always so impressed with people who get very personal in their writing. With details. The whole blog phenomenon is strange, and I still am not quite sure of the point (perhaps part of it is just the feeling of being connected somehow to a larger world?). But still in awe of the ones who truly share. I am just such an editor; even when I feel as though I have typed something personal, I realize later how obscure and abstract my entries are (unless about the fishes or politics). I barely allude to some of the most life-altering experiences!
But, this is a public experiment after all, and those who need to know, do.

Meantime, I am an excited geek- a new book arrived, gotten with my IgoUgo gift certificate! The Children of Hurin, another posthumously-published work by Tolkien, at long last put into cohesive form by his diligent son. I must finish current novel first, but am very much looking forward to reading this. Whoo hoo!