Day eleven: three crows perched in a tree

drawing of crows in a tree

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After I posted this (elsewhere), a friend quoted the Wallace Stevens poem, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” to wit—

I was of three minds,
Like a tree
In which there are three blackbirds.

So now I rather look at these guys as blackbirds. Enjoy the poem.


Day ten: At an inland edge of town there remained vestigial freight rail tracks

ink drawing of a railroad crossingDay ten: At an inland edge of town there remained vestigial freight rail tracks, seldom used. Occasionally in the night the reedy and wistful tune of a passing train crept into dreams, both sleeping and waking.

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Day six: Its insect-like appearance startled the breath out of her

drawing of a Victorian cherry-stonerDay six: Here is the Victorian era mechanical cherry-stoner that she unearthed in the manky little potting shed, hidden almost entirely by vines and brambles in her new back garden. Its insect-like appearance startled the breath out of her upon pushing the door open.

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Day five: Cat took long naps away from the chaos of unpacking

drawing of a cat sleeping on a boxDay five: After three days of cleaning painting unpacking arranging, amid an atmosphere of dust, sundry piles of boxes— she’d quite forgotten her discovery. 

Cat, on the other hand, had discovered a perfect spot for afternoon naps.

+   +   +

Day Four: Salt and sea were in his blood, and old traditions are sluggish to die.

drawing of a ship carved into meerschaum stoneDeep into the night under the same moon, the stevedore carved away at a piece of meerschaum, his replacement stone for scrimshaw bone. Salt and sea were in his blood, and old traditions are sluggish to die.

This is what he carved.

+   +   +


Day three: Rook-splays in the marshland

Inktober day 3: drawing of some deer in a swamp

Just beyond the bordering fields, some rook-splay deer hopscotched across the rocks and pools of the marshland beneath a waxing gibbous moon.

+   +   +

Below is the sketch that precipitated the finished drawing. Sometimes I can’t tell whether I prefer the quick sloppy sketches or the clean finished drawings.

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Day Two: she moved house in the early days of autumn

Ink drawing of a woman carrying a boxIn early fall that she finished moving into the house. It’d seen better days, but its bones were strong, and she was determined to bring it back to life. As she was cleaning, she came across a leathery old box in an upstairs room; retrieved it from the shadows of a closet.

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Day One: a forgotten box tied with twine

Inktober: ink drawing of a box tied with twineAn old box was hidden on the top shelf at the rear of a little-used closet upstairs. There it waited bound in butcher’s twine, its secrets to be uncovered.

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I can’t believe it’s been a year already! And yet a very full year; how much has changed. Welcome to Inktober 2018!

If you’re interested, here are the archives from Inktober 2017.