Paper-dry leaves crunch beneath our feet, and the wind is picking up

pencil sketch of a house in a bell jr

Tuesday I went to my first class in over 7 years— returning to the art of copperplate etching (intaglio). I’ve a small plate ready to work on before my next class on Tuesday. This is the wee sketch I did for it today.

It needs finessing, and then I’ll transfer it in reverse to my plate. I may change those trees to pines, and add some snow. We’ll see. I want to keep it fairly simple, but use this to re-familiarize with the studio and processes after such a long hiatus. Gotta wake up the muscle memory.

After I’ve got into a bit of a groove, I’ll embark on something more complex. I really want to design images with the various techniques in my mind from the start. Work to the medium’s strengths, not just mimic ink drawings or some such. More to come here as I progress!


The last few drawings from Inktober

the witch boy, capturedI lost my momentum toward the end of the month. I remained a day or two behind schedule, and when catching up was posting to social media, but not here each day, So this post is a bit of catch up.
ink drawing of the witch-boy

So there totaled three drawings of the witch-boy, leading up to Halloween. The final drawing was just a plain old hair study. Terrifically anticlimactic, honestly. I haven’t even posted that one elsewhere, as I was sort of thinking I might do something else for the 31st ‘official’. But now it’s November third, time to let it go.
ink drawing of a woman with long hair

All around All Hallow’s Eve— catch up drawings

ink drawing of a witch boy

Here’s what I haven’t posted the past few days— and I’m still three days behind! But the missing drawings will be forthcoming. I’m a man of my word, dammit.

Above, Day twenty-seven: : The witch boy on a night walking beneath the pointy crescent moon.

photo of me in bandit makeup for halloween

Day twenty-six: My FACE! Here’s a variation, as I already included one in the last post. This makeup was my 26 day drawing, haha.

ink drawing of a palm plant

Day twenty-five: a palm plant, enjoying the sunshine of the east-facing window in her new-old house.

Kween of the Museum, perched under a blanket on the Queen Anne

a couple of drawings of me by my friends

Today is my birthday, and I interrupt the previously scheduled “Inktober” drawing posts to share a couple of fabulously wacky and delightful portraits of me by my dear friends, the Chickens, Zac and Tara Lynne.

We were all on a conference call (they called to sing me Happy Birthday), and knowing I was sitting on the ol’ Queen Anne sofa in my living room, they decided to each draw an impression of the scene. They sent these while we were still on the phone and we had a hilarious time dissecting the images (and cackling like the chickens that we are).

Zac's drawing of Liz

Here we have Z’s drawing; appropriately dark and highly witchy. His rendition of the blanket turned into a kind of beastly thing— seen in one way it looks like a giant crow; seen another it becomes a sort of warthog! He moved my giant clock from the dining room into the living room, and included the boxy little fish tank in the drawing. I’m looking dreadfully serious, and we joked that it was my “I must send some money to PBS, I simply must” face.

TL's drawing of Liz

And then TL upped the ante, including labels in her diagram. Proud paintbrushes (she really knows me, haha) and hidden clothing (it’s a closet!) The money tree is so money that it speaks, and she included my Halloween makeup in this, rendering me a bandit queen. Even the phone charger snaking out from under the couch is here, and she turned my coffee table into something quite minimal and chic! Hahahahaha!!

I hafto say, these absurdly sweet drawings are among the best birthday gifts I can imagine. And they are rather inspiring as drawn bits of storytelling, too, so I really wanted to share them. Thanks, chickens!!

selfie of me in my bandit make-up

Day twenty-four: The mystery had only just begun

ink drawing of a pile of ephemera and a key

Day twenty-four: When at last she’d completed ministrations to her old-new house in such ways that compelled her, she returned to the leathery old box— a delicious reward. Retrieved from its out-of-the-way place of safe-keeping (much to Cat’s chagrin), she opened it. It contained the following:

+ One journal; worn but not ruined
+ One sheaf of very old photographs (same)
+ One packet of post-cards, written long ago (in surprisingly decent nick)
+ One iron key, threaded on a threadbare plaited tassel

The mystery had only just begun.

+   +   +

Day twenty-two: A photo from her youth

ink drawing of a freckled young womanDay twenty-two: A photo from her youth; freckled after a Summer spent at a warmer seaside town with her family

+   +   +

Day twenty: a wreath of weeds and brambles

ink drawing of a wreath of twigs and weedsShe used some of the weeds and brambles she’d pulled from the garden to make an autumn wreath.

+   +   +

Day nineteen: a Great Pumpkin on a full moonlit night

ink drawing of a pumpkin on a full moon night

Day nineteen: a Great Pumpkin on a full moonlit night

+   +   +