LEDs and the dancing fireplace wall

Some fun lighting at Kelley’s house in Baltimore. Mini Light City right in the living room!

I got loads of photographs from installations around the Inner Harbor last night. I’ll be posting some of those soon.


In the halls of UMBC Visual Arts

It’s disconcerting to run into an oversized facsimile of my own stylized face in the halls of the university. Giving my talk on Saturday evening. Super nervous! But looking forward to it, and seeing the illuminations of Light City around the Inner Harbor.

Gingerbread houses

houses in snowChristmas day was sunny and crisp. In the afternoon the extended family gathers at my cousin’s house in a neighborhood filled with lovely houses from the 1920s— steep pitched rooftops, Tudor woodwork, stucco and stone— surrounded by towering old trees and a slim carpet of remaining snow.house002
After dinner a few of us walked around the neighborhood to fend off food comas and to see lights and decorations or warm glows and twinkling trees in the windows.

Idylls following a solstice

Red barns in snow
The view from my upstairs window in the morning after new snow

Cold and picturesque, the Farm this week; a winter idyll. The drive upstate was unfettered by traffic or difficulties; highway dark on the eclipsed solstice, save the odd bling-lit freight truck. Not a wink, not a star—no Orion out the passenger window.

Red barns in snow
View of the barn from the pasture
locust trees in snow
The stand of locust trees, perished. My mother says they must come down; I’ll miss those stoic sentinels.
horses in snow running
The stout lads in their winter coats

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the lake is blue, the forest watchful

watercolor of a woods
Watercolor sketch of the sky in the pond
Fahnestock State Park camping
Our campsite was near a ridge overlooking Pelton Pond at Fahnestock State Park
Fahnestock State Park
The sky came down to say hello and sit on the water for a spell


every detail clear,
tin cup and rippled mirror.
The day is bright and songless

—from Morning in the Burned House, by Margaret Atwood
(An excerpt from a poem shared by a friend this morning; the title of this post is from same)

.  .  .

Spent two days camping upstate midweek, and the first day was clear and beautiful, temperate. The sky-blue sky and stark white clouds reflected on the stillness of the pond. After sundown: a sky full of glitter— so many stars it was difficult to find Orion as we peered up through the tall trees.

Day two broke wan and grey with the shrieks of crows overhead, tricksters. Autumn had arrived in earnest, layers needed against the chill, but it was a fine way to transition the seasons, in a hilly wooded landscape.
camping Fahnestock State Park
moss Fahnestock State Park
camping Fahnestock State Park
hiking Fahnestock State ParkPeyton Pond at Fahnestock State Park


Ripples on the glass pond; stone-skipping in the fading light
Ripples on the pond; stone-skipping in the fading light

Lengthening shadows of late summer

Photos from my excursion to Rehoboth Beach, DE, last month

Each successive month of summer leaves us in its wake faster than the previous— longing for 9:30 sunsets, never quite knowing what time it is for the wanton excess of sunlight.

This summer has held some challenges and sad moments, a couple more of which I learned about on Sunday. 2016 has been an unstable year, and  persistently so.

Last week my horoscope ended with this:

Expect a breakthrough that initially resembles a breakdown.

To which my internal response is “expect nothing,” and then I’m reminded of this perennial bit of wisdom from Oil Notes, by Rick Bass:

Luck is a residual of preparation.

002 004

Post Script— In hindsight this post reads a little sad, but it’s not sad, it’s only honest. This year has certainly held more than just challenges and sad bits— but all the bits are necessary.

Super fun Snapchat silliness project

Kelley & Lizzie’s Summer Funtimes from Elizabeth Daggar on Vimeo.

I’ve been meaning to get a handle on Snapchat for awhile. My initial impetus being that it’s prevalent among social media, so as a designer working in motion graphics and editing (among other media), it’s important to stay on top of such things.

While I’ve made half-hearted attempts before, always my interest waned. Turned out all I needed was a four hour bus ride wherein I was basically trapped and a little bored— and voila! A monster was born.

I passed on my new obsession to Kelley upon arriving in Baltimore and we were horrible teens for the remainder of our little trip, snapping away and adding stickers to All the Things! We have mastered the art of being 12.

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