A dense fog enveloped Brooklyn last night

001The crunch of gravel underfoot; incline. Sun coming in low and glaring off every harbor-facing pane of the buildings on the other side of the park. Cold. Empty playground today, and no leaves remain on the trees.  I can see the harbor through the naked branches and the shining points of the city beyond neighboring rooftops out the kitchen windows.

A pigeon jaunts his way across the payment.
I saw the park pristine in late morning; no boots had trod to mar the blank white field. It’s nearly the solstice, then the days will edge toward longer ones again. I’ve put the bike up for the season.


Cardinal directions

2016-04-16 17.51.46Sometimes I feel as though I’m steering a ship with no map, no stars to navigate by, and the most frustrating thing is that there’s no way to even ask for a map, for stars. You’re just there, adrift in the darkness, hoping that the next piece of intel will crack some code, provide you with a Rosetta stone.

More likely, though, you will only feel more lost. Sometimes your internal compass is all you’ve got.

Super fun Snapchat silliness project

Kelley & Lizzie’s Summer Funtimes from Elizabeth Daggar on Vimeo.

I’ve been meaning to get a handle on Snapchat for awhile. My initial impetus being that it’s prevalent among social media, so as a designer working in motion graphics and editing (among other media), it’s important to stay on top of such things.

While I’ve made half-hearted attempts before, always my interest waned. Turned out all I needed was a four hour bus ride wherein I was basically trapped and a little bored— and voila! A monster was born.

I passed on my new obsession to Kelley upon arriving in Baltimore and we were horrible teens for the remainder of our little trip, snapping away and adding stickers to All the Things! We have mastered the art of being 12.

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Cycling and swinging: ways to fly

The other night around 11:15 I texted TL—

Wanna ride bikes to the swings at third street?
I could do- sketching a song at the moment
Maybe at midnight? We could walk too, either way
Bikes def. Adult swing on midnight’s wing

And so we did. Such a joy, and a perfect evening for these endeavors. A couple who’d been walking their tiny dog had stopped in the playground to swing, too. Like us, they were giggling with delight as they flew up into the velvet clouds again and again.

After a spell on the swings we biked up third street to the Park, rode the paths therein to the 15th street exit, then back down the hill. Kids again, both cycling and on the swings, zooming around the empty midnight city.

bits n’ bobs: notes, quotes & other nonsense

I have a lot of pages in the notes app on my iPhone. I mean A LOT, and it’s all just random, just a hodge podge of lists, miscellaneous ideas, quotations or passages, stray thoughts, &c. A delightful mess to wade through!

Here are just a few things I found today while looking for a specific bit of info. ENJOY

“The young man’s ambition was to be known, not to be good.”
— Frankensten on Dr. Frankenstein, Penny Dreadful


Late afternoon
on the Atlantic

Long shadows
render mountain ranges
of the prints of terns’ feet
in the sand


“We live in time, and through it, we build our huts in its ruins, or used to, and we cannot afford all these abandonings.”
The Angle of Repose, Wallace Stegner


(To Ben at Riis beach:)
I love the edge of the world. It’s always a good time at the edge of the world.


(On a black cigar box that TL had lined with red velvet:)
It looks like a coffin I want to do the Charleston in!


“…whispered of old dead faiths that the day had shattered”
This Side of Paradise, F. Scott Fitzgerald


“The job of the artist is to look for the antidote to the emptiness of existence.”
— Gertrude Stein in Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen


“Don’t be mysterious. It’s the last resort of people with no secrets.”
— The Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes


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Elizabeth Daggar: Art & Other Follies

ecently, almost every time a Wordpress update happened, there resulted some issue with the Layerslider plug-in, rendering one or more pages of my art folio site dysfunctional. Not very nice! And I’m sick of the endless parade of updates.

For now my solution has been to create cascading grid-style portfolios, not reliant on third party bullshit. At length, I’ll find a more stable theme to build upon.

While I was at it, I added some new work, too. Check it out, if you haven’t yet.

The away team wears grey ’cause they’re Away

FullSizeRender 10

It’s been six months. You’re still gone.
Apart has become normal
even to us. Absence is absence, but we get on.
We’re fine, we’re Good.

We speak rarely, but feel every day.
Maybe that’s why the silence.
Words are too articulate—
they make things real.

I’ve been drawing, writing, living.
You too.
Past is past.

I’m good at being adrift, anyway.
After awhile I like it.
I learn new words, songs. languages.
I like learning new things. I get lost.

I like getting lost.

But then I remember before.
We were both lost, but it was different
New songs are more fun to hear together,
like learning new words
to use against each other—
swords, foils— fencing.

Still. I like the espionage.
What’s one to do?
Reality is brittle and unyielding.
It’s my only grudge, and I’m Scorpio.
It’s the Why behind my answer: artist.
(I’ll make other-real things,
things of yielding shifting heartbeat beauty)

Anyway. Adventures await,
Now, and next visit.
We’ll spend so much time
that we drive each another mental
Then apologize, half-heartedly

wishing for alone time.
’til you get on the plane.

Then we’ll start planning
your next visit
or your Phoenix return.

(For Z—) #friendship #besties! #oldstick