Stained glass, and stumbling upon a thief

I’ve been working on some ideas for the 2017 Derby Party poster for Commonwealth Bar here in Brooklyn; one idea being a faux stained glass approach. Above is the spare beginning of a design in progress. Below is the same design, incorporating a stock image as a placeholder to decide whether I wanted to pursue the idea before continuing work on it.
As I was perusing Google image for visual inspiration, I spotted a thief, caught in the act! Below is a poster (right) for an event in Chicago, whose promoter or venue blatantly stole my 2003 Derby poster for Ray (left), and then obliterated its elegance with godawful type treatments for a Derby Party.

Step one: Steal design. Step two: Ruin it!

I’ve emailed said promoter re: the violation of copyright, and requested it be taken down. I also offered the possibility of licensing the image or commissioning me for an original (neither of which I expect him or her to take me up on, but worth a try).

This takes the notion of a ‘lazy steal’ to a quite literal level as compared to the imitation from 2015. People: Google image search is not a one-stop-shop for royalty-free images.

Side note: Who has a Derby Party that ends before the race? Post time this year is at 6:46pm ; this party ends at 6:00.

UPDATE: The promoter replied to my email stating that the venue was responsible for the flier, and that they are making a new one.

From the archive: an outboard motor and a few lines

A vector illustration that was used for a poster a number of years ago, around the same time the poem below was written.

An outboard motor,
its rotors dull and pitted,
hangs from a century-old beam
among the rafters.
The darkness up there
would be forbidding,
were it not for the string
of lights ‘round the mirror

Which smudged reflection
is filled with faces,
flickering in shadows
Of candles
and various states
of inebriation.

The man behind the bar wears a smile
He flashes it often,
but only at targets, and only
when warranted,
like any conscientious


How are you feeling about Winter?

Yesterday was day one of the blizzard named Stella. Morning brought the rare and disconcerting phenomenon known as thundersnow. I’ve been tied to my work in recent weeks, however, so the change in the weather mainly just made it prettier and much quieter (barring the thunder) out my windows.

Here’s an illustration I started and finished for a client project yesterday. Silly me, I thought I could whip out some birch trees in an hour or two, but I got pretty granular with the detail, and wound up finishing it in three rounds of perhaps 1.5 hours each, give or take.

Below is the version I’m using for the album. It’s the backdrop of the inner sleeves, so it was silly perhaps to choose something so detailed, but it looks  more serene after decreasing contrast and adding the blue-grey in Photoshop for the final art.

Buildings, again

build, day and nightAbove are two versions of the full image from the sneak peek of the waterfront. buildings, this time without photographic sky.

I’d like to work more intricately with the window panes of them— maybe create some animations. Imagine the panes being even more kaleidoscopic, color-wise, and all shimmering and shifting— a transition from day to night, showing the change in the sky and the windows, as the lights wink on.ss2017_hero_image_light

Waterfront buildings at dusk

illustration of waterfront buildings at duskHere is a sneak peek at a work in progress. It probably won’t have a photographic sky in the final; we’ll see. I was just playing with that.

Anyway I like the kaleidoscopic colors in the window panes. That was my initial idea or point of departure: the way window panes facing or nearby the harbor catch light at different times of day.

Ink works: art archive

ink illustration of three friendsApologies! This was meant to post yesterday— the danger of three day weekends; one forgets what day it is.

Anyway, I love this drawing! It’s an illustration that I did (in ink) as a full page for a magazine layout project back in the day. It’s my friends Kelley, Thomas, and Sean (but they were in the cafeteria at Pratt, not a cafe).

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Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy— illustrations

Illustrations by E Daggar
For cocktails inspired by “Beetlejuice” and “Bladerunner”

Last summer I posted a tease of the two illustrations above, as they were in progress. These were two of a series of ten illustrations I was commissioned to create for the Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy, a recipe book written by R.A. Heidel (also the proprietor of The Way Station, famous for its Tardis).

Illustrations by E Daggar
For cocktails inspired by “Sherlock” and “The Fifth Element”

The book will be published by MacMillan, to be forthcoming in the autumn of this year here in the States. It will have 40+ illustrations, crafted by four of us in total. I’ll post news of this as I receive it.

Process notes and more illustrations after the jump…

But first a note re: this blog— This year I will be regularly posting every Monday and Thursday. There may be random posts on other days as well, but Mon and Thur will be regular like clockwork (barring unforeseen events).

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