Scenes from the Bushwick Country Club

Bushwick Country Club interior
What was intended to be an excursion into Bushwick yesterday afternoon left us stranded in Williamsburg as the L train chose to go no farther than Lorimer. So we began with a beer at Union Pool, into which I’ve not stepped foot in many years, and whose backyard has greatly improved.

We followed that with a visit to Bushwick Country Club, new to us both. Not in Bushwick, nor a country club, but a cheeky dive bar, where plastic dinosaurs serve as proxies for the second of each two-for-one happy hour drink. The tall narrow window that looks onto the yard brightens the otherwise cave-like interior during afternoon hours.

(Dr Who was on the television)

In the yard, a petite mini-golf course crumbles voluptuously, having seen better days before the ravages of seasons. No doubt it retains some of its erstwhile cheer on sunnier days.
mini golf Haunted House at Bushwick Country Club
mini golf slide at Bushwick Country Club

What Stella looked like

Brooklyn in snow
Here are some quiet scenes from my neighborhood yesterday, after the thundersnow and wind calmed. The storm never really reached any kind of pitch, but many cancellations were planned, so it was a peaceful day. I spent all but 30 minutes of it indoors; worked an 11 hour day. My wander through the snow was pretty pleasant, however brief.
Brooklyn in snow
Brooklyn in snow
Brooklyn in snow

A wander through Gowanus

photo of apartment windows
Some geometric compositions from a quiet wander last Saturday, late afternoon as the light drained from the sky.
photo of apartment windowsThis building has such gorgeous moulding.
bridge girdersbridge girders
bridge girdersThe Ninth Street subway overpass is weirdly beautiful, too.bridge girders
Morbid anatomy facade
Morbid Anatomy facade

Gerritsen Beach, revisited


Gerritsen Beach

I walked along the water
in a sunny autumn marsh.
The silty sand
and grasses underfoot
impressible and yielding.

I saw the bodies
of small crabs, scattered
here and there along the way,
victims of an unknown shift,
caught unprepared.

From a congress of reeds
along the water’s edge
A white crane rose
on a silent vector—

where points of the city glance
and glister—
that distant isle
fulgent and blue
against the pale scrim.

As I turned back
toward the road
The sun flashed
on the panes of the last
few houses of town.

The water’s surface,
rippled and calm,
caught the same—
and rendered it
a blinding flare.



(This may be my poet-wise, unintentional abstract postmortem of election night 2016.)

A farther afield wander

Here are some photos from last weekend.

A crisp sunny Saturday in November calls for wander time. Took the train out to Bushwick and meandered in the sun. We had some pints in a yard, then made a circuitous path northwest and into nighttime before heading back Slopeward on the G.

A good day for photographing, and clocked six miles walking, even with the train rides.

Bits from the sketchbook

Anyone else remember the law from ancient Rome, wherein a temporary dictator could be appointed in times of national crisis? 

halloween-mondayAside, here’s a sketch from Halloween Monday. Looks like Freddy Kreuger; maybe that’s what she was going for. While I captured her sweater and hat with some panache, I got her profile all wrong. Don’t judge her, that was my inattentiveness.

Meanwhile, dude looks like he just met his fingers for the first time. (He doesn’t trust them just yet, but you can tell he has plans…) Again, my fault.

Below, a subway portrait from yesterday’s excursion of train + wander + train. I’ve been focusing on writing for other endeavors, so have neglected poor ol’ blog the past week. More stuff soon.

The Girl on the [G] Train
The Girl on the [G] Train

A wander through Marine Park at Gerritsen Beach

Garrison Beach in Marine ParkThis is a departure from my usual urban photography, yet Marine Park is urban— but urban nature. This small stretch of beach and marshland is adjacent to a small neighborhood on a peninsula in Brooklyn. We parked on the street and walked through a gap in the metal barrier between civilization and a slightly wild-feeling preserve.008002