Art and other follies: a compilation

Elizabeth Daggar Art from Elizabeth Daggar on Vimeo.

In case you didn’t know, I have a website that hosts my fine art work: paintings, drawings, multiples, and sketches. Go to to check it out!


The subconscious: it’s bigger on the inside

TARDIS at the Way StationMy dreams this morning were a wildly colorful and vivid jumble of characters and scenarios, from which I could hardly escape or retreat. And I don’t think I wanted to.

I’ve been drawing much more than writing these days, and I’ve not transcribed a dream upon waking in quite awhile. Even today, this was as much as I jotted down. Gradually the images began to fade as I got caught up in emails and research and the tasks of the day.

In the meantime, some sketches from last evening. The world famous TARDIS restroom in The Way Station bar, and its attendant tiny library!
Interior of the Way Station

People in the backyard on Sunday

sketch of people at Ice House
As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I went to the Ice House in Red Hook after stopping in at Bait & Tackle. There are always lots of people to observe and sketch on a fine day in the backyard there.
Although I think this structural meditation on the wall is my favorite of these three.
Painted version of sketch number one below. Not so effective; gotta get more strategic with where, why, and how I add color.sketch of people at Ice House

A day out on the bike to sketch

sketching at Brooklyn Bridge Park
Took my bike out yesterday afternoon for some riding around on the waterfront in Brooklyn— first to Brooklyn Bridge Park to view the new little marina at Pier six.

Below is a pic of the piece pre-inking, and a snapshot of the view from where I sat (after the sailboat in the drawing had gone). It’s only 6″x4″, so a bit too small for such a vista, but it’s good practice anyway.
I need to loosen up a lot more when sketching architectural things, be less literal. The finished piece is far too on-the-nose— timid, and lacking dynamics. My treatment of the buildings while inking flattened that expanse of the harbor. But learning happens through failing!Then I took the bike path to Red Hook, where I had a pint at Bait & Tackle and sketched just a few of the many, many nautical and taxidermy knickknacks. And finally, I headed next door to Ice House, where I did some sketches of people in the backyard. Those sketches in the next post, stay tuned!Do-dads inside Red Hook Bait & Tackle

SLOW: children drinking

watercolor sketch of people
Nah, the sign says children playing, but it’s in the backyard of a bar, so kind of the same thing. I was doing two sides of the yard at once to be inconspicuous, and wound up with a giant guy floating behind the people with popcorn. Rather an odd image.

The colors of winter, and mermaids

Bran Stark; Winter is Coming
A couple little do-dads. Above, from the sketchbook, a quick rendering of Bran Stark in Game of Thrones, season six.

Below is the third of my HAIR Lines studies, which I painted in honor of tomorrow’s Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. The flapper comes alive in seaweed greens.