This morning broke sunny and slid into grey

Here’s a little sketch I did, sort of thinking out a vibe or mood for an illustration. It’s soft, whimsical; feelings that are a little out of reach for me at the moment, despite that Spring is trying to emerge, bit by bit. The gloom of winter is still upon me. I’m feeling stuck, creatively. Distracted and disjointed.

Observationals near the end of March

How quickly the year moves forward! Already a quarter of 2017 has blurred by out the passenger window.

Have you heard of the Punderdome?

Punderdome comedy at LittlefieldTwenty-one will enter, only one will leave.

Some fun sketches from Punderdome at Littlefield on Tuesday eve, where a few of us joined Adam on his birthday. This exceedingly well-attended and sold-out event provides entertainment of maximum word-nerdiness amid flurries of index cards and timed deliveries of puns.

Though we were far back and without the best viewpoint, it was a great environment for fast-paced sketching. (I added some watercolor later at home.)

Punderdome comedy at Littlefield- sketchPunderdome comedy at Littlefield- sketch