Zodiac 2015 Calendar: sketches


And a sneak peek at Sagittarius in progress! Below are the completed shields / sigils to date, but she will be finished very soon. The link takes you to the Kickstarter page for my Zodiac Calendar for 2015, where you can see all the current designs larger, and donate to get your very own copy!!


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Taurus joins the completed sigils for The 12 Houses


I’ve got one-third of the twelve designed now, and it’s a third of the way through the Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of the calendars. If you want to learn more, or get one of your own, read more at Kickstarter!

Announcing: Pisces


Another sigil has been designed. This one is based on my adorable little pond comet, Wink. He’s got a ball gown of a tail, and is a slender little ballerina of a fish.

I’ve decided to focus on the designs first, and get to the mottos of houses later on, as they require more research. For more information, check out my Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for printing this Zodiac-based, Game of Thrones-inspired calendar for 2015.

A 2015 Calendar: Kickstarter

Alright! It’s time again for another Electrofork calendar. I’ve been threatening to employ Kickstarter for some project or other for years, and the time has come. The project has been laid out as follows:

A calendar for 2015 featuring the signs of the Zodiac reinvented as Sigils of the 12 Houses— Winter is coming

[Press Release for full details here.]

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McCarthy’s ‘Doldrums’

Dan McCarthy's 'Doldrums' print

Just sharing this beautiful image, the latest print from Dan McCarthy. I’ve been a fan of his work for years and own a number of his prints. We did a print swap years ago, and I’ve bought some in the intervening years. Always stunning silhouettes, and this one is no exception.

absentee bloglord.

How horrid I’ve been with this blog for months! So too with my other web presences. I put my jewelry Etsy shop on vacation over a month ago, and there it has languished; remiss, remiss!

But it was a busy and tumultuous springtime, followed by what has thus far been a summer of doing; of being. Very little writing, recording or documenting of any kind. Just filling the well that is my brain; not extending it to the digital realm. It’s been a nice respite.

For now– some doodles. Above: two etchings (pre-aquatint states, both) from my ill-utilized class time. (I do have a load of copper plates all waxed-up and ready to be incised, so will get back to that before too long.) Below, a wee sketch I did last evening.


Well, I’ve not posted even the merest speck of art in awhile now, so here is the wee drypoint test I performed during my etching & intaglio class on Tuesday. Let me tell you, drypoint on copper plate is a far cry from same on plexiglass (which I was doing during the fall, for example). Copper shows every last nuance– every depth of cut, the amount of pressure used. Far more persnickety! Well worth using a scrap of metal, as this one (approx. 1.5″ x 2.75″? at most)– just to get a feel for it. Against my assumptions, etching with hard ground (or even soft ground, very sensitive) and acid is actually far more forgiving. (I may, next attempt, try coating the plate with a thin layer of dark, to more easily see where I’ve worked and not.)

More to come as I begin larger projects, soon… really. After the move…