Day twenty-four: The mystery had only just begun

ink drawing of a pile of ephemera and a key

Day twenty-four: When at last she’d completed ministrations to her old-new house in such ways that compelled her, she returned to the leathery old box— a delicious reward. Retrieved from its out-of-the-way place of safe-keeping (much to Cat’s chagrin), she opened it. It contained the following:

+ One journal; worn but not ruined
+ One sheaf of very old photographs (same)
+ One packet of post-cards, written long ago (in surprisingly decent nick)
+ One iron key, threaded on a threadbare plaited tassel

The mystery had only just begun.

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Day twenty-three: the Journal

ink drawing of an old journal

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Day twenty-two: A photo from her youth

ink drawing of a freckled young womanDay twenty-two: A photo from her youth; freckled after a Summer spent at a warmer seaside town with her family

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Day twenty: a wreath of weeds and brambles

ink drawing of a wreath of twigs and weedsShe used some of the weeds and brambles she’d pulled from the garden to make an autumn wreath.

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Day nineteen: a Great Pumpkin on a full moonlit night

ink drawing of a pumpkin on a full moon night

Day nineteen: a Great Pumpkin on a full moonlit night

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Day eighteen: A great old iron key or handle

ink drawing of an old keyDay eighteen: A great old iron key or handle was in the garden where she was digging up weeds to plant bulbs for the Spring. She determined to find out what it fitted in, if it was indeed part of the house.


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Day seventeen: a dinghy waited on the shore

ink drawing of a dinghyDay seventeen: The dinghy had been dragged up on the shore and left there. No one knew to whom it belonged.

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Day sixteen: leaf and acorn at the end of season

drawing of a leaf and acorn

I realized almost immediately after inking this that my leaf and acorn are troublesome, as the leaf is of the Maple sort, and acorns are of Oaks, but I inked it this evening without any thought and then it was too late.

Anyway, it’s a seasonal little drawing, and I’m once again a day behind, so better a drawing of ill-fitted botanicals than no drawing at all!

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Day fifteen: the rescue of a late-born minnow

ink drawing of a minnow in a fishbowl

Day fifteen: The Stevedore rescued a late-season minnow, too young to live through the frozen waters of winter. It was just before the first frost, so he took it home, with plans to release it in the spring.

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