Photos of blog authorAuthor of this blog.

Artistdesigner, visualist; collectrix of things pre-modern; ancient-Romaphile; in progress and with continued luck: world traveler.

I’m good at drawing, photography, and transforming blank rooms into magical realms. I’ve studied the alchemical arts of intaglio printmaking. I create images for print and screen with lines, shapes and words; I love cities and wide open spaces. I am a Brooklynite.

I post here when I can. I was so steady for a few years! Made of deadlines. Alas, since I started my new grown-up job on Work Island, I’ve got a bit flaky here, which disappoints me. I’m working on it, promise. Meantime, if you wanna fill in some gaps, follow me on the socials:

instagram@edaggarart and @electrofork


.   .   .


Solvitur ambulando.

(It is solved by walking)


.   .   .

the original title of the blog was “Untidy Revelations,”
which came from this do-dad I wrote in 2004:

Ancient cities await.
She anticipates her travels
with nervousness,
and a growing sense of excitement–
the pending conquer of ruins,
the splendor of strange places–
her shimmering prize, like tariffs

upon new colonies.

In the darkening chill of late winter
In the empire city she calls home,
she knows it will be worth
the inconvenience
of air travel,
exchange rates, and layovers–
of cold-water rooms,

the untidy revelations
that sometimes accompany
a soul in transit–
and often anticipate
the falling of empires.

7 thoughts on “lizzie

    1. Thank you Luiza! I really dig the work on your site as well. Even though you didn’t answer the question I posed on my latest post, you’re the second to comment since that, so I will send you a piece of art or a print if you like! Hit me up via electrofork [at] gmail [dot] com.

      1. Dear Lizzie, just sent you now an email! …I´d be of course honored to receive a piece of your art – and be able to send you some of mine in return. 🙂 Thank you! And many greets from Berlin! / Luiza

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