A little Mansfield Park (in ink, watercolor)

portrait in ink & watercolor (process)

Here’s a sketch that began a few days ago as a 30 second pencil study while watching a Manfield Park (it’s been done multiple times for screen). Returned to it yesterday and it became, essentially, a study of hair. Initial pencilling and inking rendered it very Revolver in aspect, as you can see in the process scans.


portrait in ink & watercolor (process)
Finished the pencilling by slight shading and many strands of hair
portrait in ink & watercolor (process)
A .01mm Micron pen to solidify those strands

portrait in ink & watercolor (process)
Beginning to lay in soft grey with watercolor; giving some depth to the hair
portrait in ink & watercolor (process)
Several layers later of more watercolor. (Went a little mad with the red on the ear)
portrait in ink & watercolor (process)
And, again, the final result. (I removed the gutter from the sketchbook in post, for clarity)

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