planning is part of the trip

Bruges in winter
Bruges in winter, from Wikimedia Commons

Planning a trip is one of my favorite things to do; it’s a huge part of the overall enjoyment— anticipation, research, adding stars to Google maps of things that look worth a visit. I’ve already begun adding little yellow stars to Bruges, which I plan to visit for a day or two between Amsterdam and Paris. Another city of canals and gabled buildings in Dutch-speaking north Belgium (Flanders). As it’s a winter trip, I can’t help but hope for snow and icy canals (unlikely I think). Zooming around a city on skates sounds brilliant.

Watched travel docs about nostalgic (and future) destinations in the EU for hours the other evening. The month of November has been a bit of a flummox, what with Zac moving away so soon and the general small chaos that attends the lead-up to Holiday season. Starting to think about the trip has been a welcome diversion.


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