focus pull

Hudson ave street sign corner buidling
Here’s an oldie, just for fun– Hudson Ave in the rain; Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn

Sunshine, crisp days, and the undertaking of a dedication to write at least 1,667 words per day have helped to snap things back into action. Not to mention a pair of newly-needed glasses.

There have been numerous, miscellaneous items on the back burner to-do list for a long time, and I’ve finally been working my way through some of them; oiling my etched copper plates and re-wrapping to prevent tarnish; bringing my bike up from front stoop area for the winter; replacing the broken floor board moulding in the bedroom–also: miscellaneous cleaning, dusting and sweeping. So many little, easy things that take only a few minutes yet are such candidates for procrastination.  But the recollection that yes, you can sit down, pull focus, and write over 1500 words in a sitting is a great reminder of how much can be accomplished in a little time.

Update (also just for fun):
Cleaned floors, oven; vacuumed carpets; changed fish filter; more dusting; put some things away that weren’t being used; cleaned sink in bathroom; aired out the apartment on account of the clement weather. Madness! Now writing those 1,667 words…


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