For the moment I seem to’ve lost my hellbent verve for fixing, building and decorating. The last big project is the bathroom; replace the warped ceiling panel, tidy up the poorly-grouted tiles, and re-trim and hang some ill-cut moulding. Not as fun as some of the other things, but I will aim to work on that tomorrow.

So much has changed. (I will write something on that eventually.)

There’s a beautiful sky outside, and it’s breezy with no humidity at 7:05 pm. I will head into the outdoors in a bit; before it gets dark and the magic changes to normal nighttime. Go in search of food and friends, wander the neighborhood a it gears up for a long weekend. It may be quiet, as this is the sort of weekend that people tend to exodus the city. They go in search of beaches, family, away-time.

Feels I’ve finally begun my summer these past two weeks, and it feels good to have a break from the breakneck pace sustained these past few months. I want the summer to move at a languid pace; not rush to fall. Winter can be a bad time, though last year’s wasn’t. (Best not to think of the dark months now, though– it’s only just July.)


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