Dolly Trolly and the Case of the Crispy Dollars

Left to Right: Amelia, who sang solo; Gerard of Dolly Trolly; and Chris.

In lieu of Drink ‘n’ Draw this Wednesday, I did some rock ‘n’ draw at the Dolly Trolly show last night– glad I brought my markers! Dolly Trolly rocked it out at a fundraiser, as part of their effort on Kickstarter,com. They are SO close! Only a few days left, so help them reach their goal! Some funds were raised last night, although some drunkie set the money bucket down on a candle (!) and some of the Dolly dollars wound up on the charred side (see below).  Still legal tender, though! Mike B and Amelia were the opening acts.

* Later edit: Dolly Trolly made it to their fund-raising goal and willbe able to produce their long worked-on EP/demo! Congrats to them, and thanks to Kickstarter!

crispy fried Dolly dollars!

Tara Lynne’s elusive striped leg leaves the building.


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