always this is how the year progresses

It’s June. June 13th, to be specific. That’s 06/13/09 (for us Americans) or 13.06.09 (a more sensible approach; day-week-month, or:  specific-to-broad, in terms of increments).

Here’s what I’m talking about: I feel (for my part) that over the past few weeks (well, maybe six or seven) I’ve finally gotten a handle on things– on how the year should be progressing, on making the most of time and energy– fitting in work, art, play; things like that: the balancing act is working well. But! But what? It’s suddenly damn halfway through the year! What takes so long? How is it that winter can have such long-lasting effects on circadian rhythms as to require all of spring to get with it, as they say?

A source of minor frustration, but perhaps a learning curve new with each successive year. I’m happy to be bustling and burning though. The 2010 project grows each day and having two [days] in a row with which to explore, research, draw and contrive has been great. I realize each day, too, what an immense labor I’ve set before myself. If it were for a client and I were making detailed lists of what needs doing, it’d require a whole new system, and a a five-subject notebook at least! To wit:

– research (aspects of time, symbols, histories, geographies, heraldry, &c)
– references (written, cartographical, general visual)
– writing (histories, legends, &c)
– designing (!)
– drawing (cartography: pencil, ink, digital)
– dreaming

Now, certainly the dreaming part would be difficult to quantify into a list, but it would still need lots of pages to record ideas, passing fancies… Since it’s a project I can’t stop thinking about, however… (even in sleep; I was dreaming colors and standards all night and morning), so far– no need for lists. Just very organized folders and documents. Superfun for me. (Alas, I think Ben and all my friends are getting sick of hearing about it, so time to just buckle down and keep working toward finishing it!)


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