not necessarily a day of rest.

Today is the 5th Avenue Festival, strains of music and voices drifting from a few blocks away where it begins. Also the Sonya Studio walk over in Fort Greene, to which I’d planned to go and see some friends and meet a friend of Beth’s. But still at home. Had some work that I had to finish up today so I can start designing in earnest for a new job tomorrow (tight deadline)– what I had hoped would only take a couple of hours stretched into over four hours and now it’s 5:00. Haven’t even picked up my laundry yet, dropped off on Friday!


Yesterday I joined Ben on a trip to meet with a real estate agent in Nyack– searching for places for his folks to live upon their return to the northeast. Our first stop, though (as the meeting wasn’t til 3:00) was to Lyndhurst, in Tarrytown. I’d been there almost twenty years ago with my dad, but they had many more rooms open this time– so beautiful.


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