relearning drawing

Here is my big secret:
I haven’t done drawings on a regular basis for many years, aside from fits and starts. False starts– or re-visitations. As a result, I can no longer draw anything unless I’ve seen it, or worse: unless I can see it– in reality, or in a photograph. I’ve lost my ability to add or subtract from reality with ease- on a whim. It’s crippling, as an artist who once invented things at the drop of a hat. But, it’s simply a lack of exercise. (That’s how you lose your chops- you stop doing scales, and you stop exploring.)

I tend to blame ‘design’– that my career in design has precluded my drawing, my explorations. But that’s an excuse. The real reason is fear- you get far enough away from something, and it gets harder to go back. Or, more importantly, to go forward.

Well, hello 2009. I am drawing again this year. Goddammit!
Started tonight, and it wasn’t easy (but then, that’s my main problem. I’ve come to expect- or at least want- everything to be easy.) Here’s Paris:


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