welcome, new year.

A Sunday afternoon of puttering. Lovely!
Briefly interrupted by the realization: Network Solutions still holding my domain name hostage! (I thought I’d transferred it over a year ago.) My ongoing lease for said ephemeral domain lapsed December 29. Never having acknowledged my change of email (they had one on file from over ten years ago), received no warnings of impending digital homelessness. Now, having shelled out ridiculous fee for renewal, I once again must employ ancient fax technology to prove I am myself, then once again attempt to disavow them of electrofork.com once and for all.

:: sigh ::

Back to puttering.

Oh, also: Apologies to all who may have been expecting an electrofork calendar for 2009; the novel rather undermined my hopes– but next year, next year! Fitting, anyway, to start up again for 2010. A nice round number.


One thought on “welcome, new year.

  1. Unsure if this might help, but one of the guys I folo on twitter just mentioned this: for the record, @hoverdotcom helped me recover jamespoling.com which I had been trying to get back for years. I am giddy as a schoolgirl.

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