balance, upset

Had one of those days yesterday in which I got so much done, it was almost absurd. But today I just couldn’t wake up! Slept incredibly late, and I need to have another getting so much done day! (I will). I don’t seem to have gotten back on a sensible schedule since my return from Upstate, the farm.

Today (what’s left of it) is for animation and for resin jewelry. I will make up for late-sleeping.
I will work into the night.

l a t e r :
I have been working at the Tara Lynne Band materials all day. They have now a blog, and an updated MySpace page. Web site will (hopefully) be finished by the end of next week. I have also to update the KE Haas Salon site, on top of about 8 or 9 other projects which will be ongoing for a few weeks at least. Whew! Busy.


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