Of summer and a small island off the coast

A quick mid-morning missive, from an air conditioned perch in a small office building in Manhattan; I’m covering for a friend while he takes a long weekend. I woke later than planned, and had to rush but caught the N just as i descended the staircase at Atlantic, so I arrived on time.

I woke late on account, mainly, of having been up late working. Not working on what I should have been, but working (as I have been, obsessively) on the new electrofork site. It’s nearly finished! The jewelry section is proving time-consuming, but nearly there, nearly there. (Honestly, it has been stealing time from other projects!) It’s so close that it’s just killing me to have to take time away from it lately to do “real” work.

I’m sure this is all very exciting to read. Back to work.


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