Other than that:

  • Working
  • Not exercising enough, but some, and enjoyably, as it’s no longer winter.
  • New mobile– Alias™ with QWERTY. (have to get used to typing straight keyboard with thumbs!)
  • Jewelry sales have been great for wholesale market! (nil on Etsy, but I’ve been remiss…) Met the owner of Fuego 718 over the weekend and he is wonderful, as are the owners of Metal & Thread. (If all my future wholesale customers follow suit, it will be an ongoing pleasure, honestly.)
  • I have finally put all the business cards I’ve collected over the past year and a half into my Rolodex™ (so old school with the paper).
  • Hmmm…
  • Been doing some work in Flash again; realizing why I missed animation. (Although I still vastly prefer After Effects for it)
  • I enjoyed some sun today, running errands and also running into some friends. The time of iced coffee has returned!
  • Have notions for a 2009 calendar. I know I said it would happen last year, but this year, I mean it. I’ve realized, in the years without one, that it really was a wonderful way to stay in touch and reach out.
  • I am loving springtime (even the rainy bits)
  • Currently reading The Mysterious Benedict Society– a book after my own heart, as it covers some themes I’ve begun in a chapter or two of beginnings of a book… Besides, it’s illustrated by Carson Ellis who is, as far as I’m concerned, an Edward Gorey for a new generation.

Alright, finished for now.

Mainly, I just wanted to point out that TIME is a LOAN SHARK. That is to say- it’s a thief! and you can’t ever hope to catch up.


2 thoughts on “TIME IS A LOAN SHARK™

  1. Just catching up on your bloggy goodness. I love how your paintings turned out.

    Also, I’ve always though of Time as the pool hustler of the soul. It sets you up to make you think you have all the hours in the world to accomplish anything you want only to steal them all away when you need and want them most.

    If you make a calendar for 2009, I want one.

    Keep up the great work and don’t get too down. The thing to remember when playing a hustler is that you had the courage to step up and play at all.

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