entry No213

Awoke to snow, and the streets outside my windows give the impression that the city has half shut-down. Few presences on the sidewalks, and the parking spots are almost all empty. Further evidence: in the little window on my computer for Instant Messaging, only one soul is logged on today, where on a normal day there are at least seven names lit up with the green lights. Has the whole city taken a snow day for these few inches of fluffy white?

Having checked, it appears the weather experts have issued a Severe Weather warning, with snow continuing through the day to eventually become what they colorfully refer to as a “wintry mix” (read freezing rain- the worst sort of mess to be out in).

A good day, perhaps, to get a great deal of work done from one’s desk, safe inside. It beckons, though- my camera and i should venture out later to take advantage of quiet streets in snowfall.


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