morning in light

Today when i woke suddenly and unbidden at 7:18 there was an image in my head of the panorama of Amsterdam offered by the lounge at the 11th floor of the Modern Art Museum there. Ben and I had gone up to check out the view after our day of bicycling-exploring the nascent communities to the north of the city; islands reclaimed from water as recently as 10-20 years ago, with quirky modern style dutch residences and little arched bridges between them.

We’d begun by biking from our “home” south of the Pijp neighborhood, and heading over to the neighborhood where we stayed last year, then up to (and through) Flevo Park, then over one of the bridges to the islands. Later on we biked back toward the center (but still north) and saw NEMO (a large museum that looks like a ship’s hull, on the water), and from there we went up the elevator to floor eleven.

I want to make a chart or list of some kind– of our days on this trip. It went by fast, as they always seem to do, and things by now do seem a bit of an inextricable blur… but just a bit. Today amid other duties I shall begin editing some of my images, finding selects to upload. (Still, I’m sure there will be so many!) Ben has still about 500 mb of them on his USB drive- from the day above, in fact! (Maybe that was why that day was in my mind– I haven’t looked at those yet) I shall have to leave space for them as I edit.

Incidentally, I was surprised at how early it was when I awoke, on account of the light. When we were in Europe, it was still fully dark, even at 8 in the morning!


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