Sunday, winter.

A wet and dreary outlook, weather-wise, but a fine Sunday.

Wintermarket came off very well from the looks of it (a wonderful project I’ve lately become involved with, as a designer).

Ben and I had a lovely dinner and visit with a friend in Manhattan tonight.

On our walk between downtown and Union Square, I stopped in at a Rad Shack and found 1 gigabyte SD cards to be on sale for 13 bucks, which means I can shoot 3 times as many photographs before requiring a download to CD. Nice!

Starting tomorrow morning I have 4 days in which to accomplish very much; work-, jewelry-, gift- and prep-for trip- wise. T’will be an intense week. (Nothing new there.) The Holidays are upon us!

And now it is 12.20. Time for sleep.


post script : aquarium sold, and gone, as of Thursday evening. Strange. Bentwood rocking chair – found as of previous Monday- has filled aforementioned aquarium space in apartment. Odd the way things work out sometimes.

But I still miss Pi.

post post script : 143 etsians now hearting the electrofork shop.


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