Hark– hail!

Cold stinging pellets are falling against my windows this morning.

Last night I was visited by some of the most intense, vivid and disturbing nightmares I’ve had in a very long time. (Not disturbing in any revelatory sense; just pure nonsensical surrealism that the subconscious mind so excels at, when it so chooses)

Vivid in color and texture- and also aurally vivid! I’d gone in and out of sleep, tossing and turning, drifting around and occasionally across the line of waking for what seemed hours if not days. The culmination was a semi-conscious moment at which I finally, starkly woke– convinced I’d heard knocking at my windows, and noises away at the other end of the apartment. How could I know which noises I’d heard were dream-induced and which were real?! I was frozen in long moments of fear, until silence, wakefulness and the ongoing sounds of 5th avenue at night finally returned me to my senses (mostly).

Was it those slices from Pizza Town? Could it have been from too much coffee that morning? I will never know I’m sure, but I don’t mind. I am awestruck by the occasional largess- gifts of excitement and mystery from the invisible realm.

I believe I failed to mention yesterday (in my brevity) that I had a simply awful time of going to pick up artwork from a gallery in the city. Well, awful is an exaggeration, but a frustrating afternoon nonetheless. Part of it was simple disappointment, too.

I am selling the tank- the aquarium and all its attendant accoutrement. Listed on Craigslilst a few days ago; I have a scheduled pick-up tonight which hopefully the weather will not hinder. The end of an era of large-fish husbandry for me, at least for awhile.


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