Last night I had a couple zoomin’ brisk bike rides along 5th avenue- to and from TL’s treehouse. Nice! As of this evening, 27 people call my Etsy shop a favorite- also nice! Two more necklaces sold over the weekend.

So far November in the city has been brisk, but friendly. Smells of autumn abound. The heat is coming on as needed, but today it’s good for having a window open. Pi is growing, diggin’ his tank (which now has a living plant in it- it thrives on the acidity of Pi.)

All is well. New projects beginning.

Oh I didn’t mention it here yet, but I had a real and proper birthday party for the first time in SO many years– since Kelley and I were roommates!– and it was so much fun. I knew a lot of folks wouldn’t/couldn’t make it, as that weekend is always coincidental with Halloween (and I wasn’t exactly organized about the invitation process), but lots of folks still made it. So much fun! (I’ll put another *thanks* here to Ben and TL, for helping me prep, serve and host– and for adding so much to the night overall.) *

And now, on to winter, I suppose.


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