catching up

Since last Wednesday, I have been working each day in an office in Manhattan.; I’m covering for a friend and colleague, who took the time off for vacation. It has been a good exercise for me (and has reacquainted me with the reasons I have stuck with freelancing in spite of its drawbacks). The work at the office has been steady, but not overwhelming, and the people who work there are all quite agreeable and friendly, so why do I feel utterly worn-out by the time I’ve taken the subway back to Brooklyn and walked home? I’m not sure, but I do have a renewed empathy for all who do this routinely. I keep finding myself pushing back things on my to-do list until Thursday, when my friend for whom I’m covering will be back in the office, and I will once again have an entire day in which to tackle “life things”. :: sigh ::

* * * *

Lots of bike riding of late! Ben and I biked to some friends’ BBQ in the South Slope on Thursday night. We did some afternoon bike-riding over and around Red Hook on Saturday afternoon. Sunday we were out from 1:00 until 10:30 at night! Not all biking, of course, though. We tooled around from place to place- things in between involved watching an hour or so of the Mets game, a game of bowling at Melody Lanes, a ride through Sunset Park, checking out a new wine bar, and finally biking over to Smith Street where we sat outside for a late dinner at Patois. Wheels beneath one shrink the borough greatly, putting much more within reach at speed.

Finally I have dates for the openings of both group shows in which I’ll have artwork:

Saturday 29 September
Object Image Gallery
(time to be announced)

Friday 05 October
MCCNY Gallery
(time to be announced)


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