after second major water change

Thursday came and instead of their water being clear, it was thoroughly cloudy again, and Tres was showing signs of “brown blood” from the overabundance of bacteria and their attendant nitrates. Aigghh!!! So, Friday morning I had to change out a great deal of the water again, and more salt. (This time I dissolved the salt first). The photo above shows them later, in the evening after the change-out. Sullen, just lurking on the bottom, mirrored in their misery. I was really worried that it would continually get worse. I removed the plastic plants, salted and scrubbed them, but decided to leave them out for now. I also added opaque black foil to the sides of the tank to prevent sunlight coming in as much as possible.

much better!

However! Saturday morning arrived with still-clear (95% clear anyway) and happy fishes! Brown blood gone! Begging for food and swimming around like freaks! Still are today. They won’t even slow down long enough for a clear photo. *whew!* Probably one more (smaller) water change-out today, to keep them safe from evil bacteria.


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