It’s Saturday noon, and I have been reading a friend’s blog. I have read a few in the past couple of months, and I am always so impressed with people who get very personal in their writing. With details. The whole blog phenomenon is strange, and I still am not quite sure of the point (perhaps part of it is just the feeling of being connected somehow to a larger world?). But still in awe of the ones who truly share. I am just such an editor; even when I feel as though I have typed something personal, I realize later how obscure and abstract my entries are (unless about the fishes or politics). I barely allude to some of the most life-altering experiences!
But, this is a public experiment after all, and those who need to know, do.

Meantime, I am an excited geek- a new book arrived, gotten with my IgoUgo gift certificate! The Children of Hurin, another posthumously-published work by Tolkien, at long last put into cohesive form by his diligent son. I must finish current novel first, but am very much looking forward to reading this. Whoo hoo!


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