challenges, opportunities.

I never did expound upon that statement, begun in a previous post this day.
(technically yesterday)

The situation in which I find myself is one of both challenge and (hopefully) opportunity, as summer hits.
You see, I recently learned of [somewhat dire] financial troubles of one of my clients; a situation leaving me (and several trusted colleagues) somewhat bereft for the moment. But– it is summer after all, and summer is the bane of so many freelancers; so I have decided to take it in stride. Decided, consciously, to not panic. I never panic! (That has proved, over the years, to be both a strength and a weakness.)

The flip side of this untimely (or timely?) development, is that it has (1) come at the exact time during which I’m finally taking my future as a “fine artist” (I shouldn’t use quotes) seriously, and (2) is, bizarrely, serendipitously, allowing me to actually do so.

All that in mind, I have been using my daytime- normally working hours- to CREATE! To begin, work on, and in fact actually finish many projects, in a way I have only allowed myself to imagine heretofor.

* yay for that! *


One thought on “challenges, opportunities.

  1. You better be posting them up as you finish them!

    And we’re all holding you to the promise of some fantastic fine art!

    Just sayin’….

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