march of the tiny snow

Across the street there is a large truck labeled “AllState PowerVac”. I can’t imagine what it might be vac-ing right now, but it is rather loud.

Overnight a gift of snow- a meagre blanket which by now lingers only on sidewalks and places where no cars go. I missed the falling of it, having gone to sleep early (midnight-thirty?) after finally finishing up the couch-wall in the living room and then enjoying a long phone call with Beth. I have updated the group of photographs of the apartment to include the new wall (that half of the front room having been conspicuously absent til now) and shall paste a new link to the collection at the end of this post.

Work of the graphic design persuasion reamins steady and ongoing. The painting of buildings and other shapes has suffered some these past two weeks, but today looks like I have some time for that. (Time, yes, but where is the discipline?!) This week I finally cut out piece of wood to make a seat for one of the two recently rescued chairs, padded and upholstered said seat, and re-upholstered the seat of that chair’s twin and fellow orphan. Those small tasks and the painting of the pattern on the wall have been plaguing me for a month at least., now finished. Tax documents have been organized, catch-up work on freelance projects is well in hand. What is there now to keep me from those canvases? I always manage to find something– not sure why. Fear, I suppose. Painting is something I am no expert at, and it’s difficult to dive into something when one’s an absolute beginner once again, but I have no good excuses left now!

Okay, here’s that link again:
Photos of the apartment!


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