Some notes about the trip.
part one.

Amsterdam: Always associated with debauchery such as hashish and the red light district, but those are merely two tiny aspects of this beautiful city. Streets shared almost equally by cars, bicycles, trams and peds; beautiful arched bridges over the canals every few blocks, the arches lit by rows of little white lights at night; mossy brick pavements; hand-lettered script on doors and mailboxes of private and public spaces; wires strung with streetlights which are suspended over the center of the streets; the buildings, of course! ornament windows and arms for pulleys to raise large boxes or furniture too unweildy for the steep narrow staircases built hundreds of years ago; sepia; greenery and parks everywhere- landscaped and not at all angular; cranes walking stiff-legged around ponds or landing in tall tall trees with massive nests; house boats with little roof decks and gardens at the gangplanks… The windows of many of the canal-side houses are wide and un-curtained, giving the impression that the rooms blend seamlessly with the sidewalks. What a city for wandering! Feast for the eyes.


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