in November

Here I am again; it’s November, and time to find a new place to live! And, on a deadline of course, so I’ve not had a chance to go see any apartments this week so far.

In more disturbing news, however: A few months ago, I received one of these printed mailers informing me of my polling location for voting day. Then, about a month later, I received anothoer one- this one had an entirely different locations cited. Both of these mailers had my Name and accurate addresss on them, but with polling places at opposite ends of the neighborhood. To clarify, I went online to to look up the accurate location, which corresponded to NEITHER of the mailers I received (and was the closest one to where I live). Call me a consiracy theorist, but I just don’t believe this was a clerical error. There are many tactics which could be useful to limit the number of voters on the upcoming extremely important November 7th. I’d say that one could be very effective if perpetrated on a large scale. Oof.


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