Well, it appears that Snapfish requires a login to view photo albums. Apologies.
This afternoon I shall return to a dentist for the second time in a month to try to get m’damn choppers clean and some cavities filled. Not looking forward to it.

This summer has been been speeding past; it’s been interesting and, on the whole, a good one. Done a bit of traveling, had some beach time; had a good amount of freelance work; but haven’t been doing as much drawing or artwork in general. As seems to be the way of life in general, it’s been a season after the style of the sparkling sidewalk: mostly made up of concrete, but with glittering moments mixed in at varying intervals, and of course the occasional wad of gum. I’m happy to say it’s been much more glitter than gum, so that’s a thing to be thankful for.

I become aware more and more of my need for travel. I am an addict. Non-linear though the postmodern world (and the postmodern mind) may be, I find a great solace and excitement in the linear-ness of travel– the way it makes each day feel purposeful in some unexpected way, and full of forward momentum. Discovery. The awareness of how little “stuff’ one really needs, at least on a day-to-day basis. I’d like to find a way (or ways) to incorporate much more travel time into my life.


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