I’ve been out walking, and have gotten thoroughly, pleasantly soaked. A circuitous route around the Slope, some of it through the park on this wet blue evening, and it felt so great to ignore the rain and be drenched. Even my hat, whose office it is to keep my head dry, was soaked clean though like that day back in the winter, freezing in lower Manhattan. The rain this day reminded me of Edinburgh, though, beginning as a mist, then effecting a long slanted crescendo.

The pumpkin vines are creeping over the edge; flirting with gravity, testing their limits.

There was a dark biological thing in a dream this morning, inside of which resided a tiny living Cthulu (?). The thing had the power to latch onto living things (it was a beast of some unfamiliar sort in the dream)- sort of latch on and insert a rigid tentacle into the spine of the beast, thus becoming a controlling parasitic addition, like a pilot or a puppeteer.

I told Ben about it and he said, “There’s an interpretation for that dream… what was it? Oh, yeah– it means you’re a FREAK.” I’m pretty sure he’s right about that.


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