tenth april

Monday again. Yesterday during the newly extended sunshine hours, I spent some time on the “veranda” (read: the roof of the bay window belonging to the apartment on the floor below), planting things in window boxes and wee terra cotta pots. The roster of hopefuls: one window box wildflowers, one pot basil, a handful of small pots of green onions, and the piece de resistance: one large box planted with what shall hopefully grow into a mad pumpkin vine. The wildflowers are largely non-native (tsk tsk), so perhaps they shall become cuttings for vases before allowed to go to seed and spread their insidious foreignness amongst the foliage in the park… And lastly, one window box wheat grass; by this evening the lazy seeds had finally exerted enough strength to muster sprouts, so they went into the soil as well.

Whilst out on said precipice yestereve, I washed the exteriors of the windows, greatly enhancing the view at sunset. Unfortunately, being an impatient ‘tard, I pulled one of the screens down to get at the top glass -down too far!- thus locking me out of my own living room. Brilliant. The screen had to suffer some damage (bent frame) in order for me to get back in.

As things begin to show green tendrils, I will begin collecting photographic evidence of progress.


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