Ides and such

But more to the point, the calendar has already passed the first week mark in this the third month of 2006. Madness! Soon a whole quarter of the year will have gone the way of the snow from the blizzard.

Time is relative, to be sure. As are most things. My recent start at keeping track of it in the form of a study, an exercise, is not helping it to pass any the more slowly. I am hoping, however, to get some insight as to where exactly it goes; what mine gets spent on, at any rate. (It leads me to wonder how I managed to get so much done in an apartment with a television and cable, but then I did do a lot while the TV was on.)

The fishes prosper in their tank, a new piece of lovely furniture has been stripped of decades-old paint, and the resin in the table still takes impressions from objects set upon it, which means one final layer with a more high-quality resin shall be required. Not a big deal, as I’ve not much been inclined to sit in the kitchen; I think that will be more likely once weather gets warm, and the window in there is wide on sunny days.

Dehydration has a taste, and it’s metallic. It’s hard to remember to drink lots of water in colder weather, even though the function of heaters makes it pretty damn important.

Below is a card I made for my mother’s birthday. I rarely work with cut paper, but there is something substantial about it; I shall have to do more of it. (More of everything, as far as I’m concerned).



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