06:00 am : to the Land of Nod™ at long last (long night of work)
10:00 am : wake!
10:20 am : coffee. strong. delicious. coffee! (several)
10:30 am : commence design work. Also: emails, phone calls, etc. (being responsible type stuff)
03:00 pm : application of paint remover to secretary-hutch-desk thing.
03:30 pm : lunch : turkey on crusty bread.
04:00 pm : drop stuff at Salvation Army™ on the way along Flatbush Ave. to walk across The Bridge
06:00 pm : back home from errands in city and in the ‘hood (having taken the subway back)
06:20 pm : coffee! and cigarettes. washing of dishes, etc.
07:00 – 09:30 pm : scraping, brushing, and more scraping of aforementioned furniture item.
09:40 pm : dinner : leftovers from Scottadito, pappardelle a la wild boar.
now : post dinner ciggy & typing of nonsense before heading to the ‘Milk* for drinks. Mmmm… beer.

Non-stop! (Had rather thought I’d get in a disco nap, but nothing doing.) Oh- also in there somewhere repaired spine of the Baedeker. The furniture task time-burgled more than expected (with still much toil remaining– for another day– or three…), so waking early tomorrow to resume proper paying work on designing things.

* Buttermilk; a “local watering hole”. Well, relatively local. Local enough.


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