That’s right!

Tomorrow marks end of third week of this odd little month.

Coldness in New York these past few days, but only the rarest specks of last weekend’s blizzard remain.

If tomorrow goes productively early on, it may be a bridge-crossing day. If not– well, movement can be scarce in winter, particularly when one is busy clacking and clicking productively away before the great glowing screen.

Found a 1937 Baedeker’s Great Britain in the “shelf filler” stacks at the Strand– brilliant! In need of some repair, and even more delicate than my 1900 Central Italy copy, but still– for six bucks– Nice! The old ones are so beautiful.

Hmmm. As always, ideas for art projects and inspiration to work on other things coincide with lists, work and obligation. So frustrating- where were these notions a month ago? Oh, right! Obscured by the building and refinishing of various and sundry furniture for the no-longer-quite-new apartment. (Still, there is much fine-tuning to arrive at a truly efficient and comfortable space. And still purging to be done, I think. It seems that one is more likely to get busy about the work of making things when one simply has fewer things. Particularly as relates to things on walls.)

Well, it is nearly five o’ the wee hours, now. Long night of work, but can’t crash into sleep immediately upon finishing; I can’t anyway– need some decompression time, so I guess that’s what this nonsense counts as.


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