one quarter gone

Well not surprising, as this month always goes fast; strange what the lack of only a few days can do for the velocity of the air escaping a month. (One regrettable fact of February, of course, is that next rent day arrives earlier than ever.)

Have I mentioned that the great behemoth of TABLE is finished? Well, 99% so. One more day and it will be usable, I think. (The last layer (fourth in this case– or third?) requires fewer drops of catalyst per ounce of resin, so the “degassing” phase is slower, thus the solidifying process takes longer. There are some imperfect areas on the surface, but I’m just glad the toxic part of the project has finished.

Photos of this and other things to come.

Oh! And in other news, the Roman-style bust that has resided in front of my new building since my opwn arrival has gone missing! Observe.


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