shiny streets under lamplight

Had a mind to take some long-exposure photographs of rain-glittering streets earlier this evening, but a recommendation to visit friendly faces at the wine bar distracted and stole time. Pleasantly.

There is a Chinese proverb: “May you live in interesting times.” A blessing and a curse, quite possibly perpetrated in some way upon every generation of humans since its coinage; probably earlier. So here we are. Interesting includes both sides of any coin, alas and alack! But, there you go. Do not the myths such as that of the garden of Eden (and all the many preceding it) speak of the doom of boredom? Is it not the very same reason that curiosity was both the thrill and demise of some fabled feline? (What, really, is the opposite of interesting? Something to think about-)

Where does all this come from?
Well, largely from reading and catching up on the news after several weeks’ deprivation of mass media. (Deprivation may be the wrong word there.) These are interesting times, are they not? Horrifying is another word. Thrilling, nervous-making and death-defying too! Madness! And so civilized, too.

I’ll say this much: things going as they have been, I do tend to worry less about my debts. (They may outlast us all!)

Each of our lives is an ongoing puzzle, as is the ‘greater’ picture. (still so small a picture if one could long-exposure the universe. Which, in fact, may turn out to be a multiverse… yikes! and brilliant!)

Sometimes it is about fitting one’s own piece into the larger puzzle-of-puzzles. Sometimes it is about figuring out the pieces within one’s own insular mini-puzzle. Always the shapes, colors, textures (and other maths) of the world are shifting– If you’ve ever worked a standard, static puzzle, well– Just imagine all those jigsaw’d edges -and the images upon them- shifting constantly! Impossible!

Darwin: Adapt or Die.

Constants do change, and parallel lines do converge, eventually- it’s only a matter of perspective. Sometimes, things are only unbelievable because the formulae have yet to be worked out.


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