Bell Hollow played at Southpaw last evening; they sounded great. The newer stuff they played (not yet recorded) was really good.

The Curious Miss K shall be arriving in town tomorrow evening. She and I have much catching up to do. (understatement) Not seen her since the summer, and that seems a long time ago.

There is a new fish in Pi’s tank; a wee Koi of silvery and black scales. I am having doubts about his health, however. He seems to have a weak sense of balance, or something. And a foolish fish, as well. He has got himself caught behind the filter tube twice already. Pi may be doomed to a solitary existence! I don’t know. They just don’t seem to be making fishes the way they used to. Where is a stout and hardy little fish of Serial’s ilk? They are few, it seems, but Pi is one at least.

Today feels like it may be a day of a very long walk. Photographs and observations; meditation. There’s a whole year with a brand new number spread out before me. Surely some thinking on what to make of it couldn’t hurt.


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