here’s how it goes.

there is much work to be done! there are plans, deadlines! time runs short!

this is right about the time that you have ideas for all sorts of other projects; art projects, meandering things which will likely take ages to finish. never do those million other ideas arrive when you are deadline-free, or have an empty list (well, nearly empty. no list is ever entirely crossed-out; some items invariably migrate from one list to the next for months and months…)

so, instead, here i sit typing for absolutely no good reason (and signifying nothing!) on an annoyingly loud auxiliary keyboard. (the iMac keyboard’s space bar mysteriously ceased to function, which made for some incredibly hard-to-read emails that, sort of sadly, were caught before being sent. it would have been hilarious if i’d unknowingly sent them out into the ether without a single space! just think of the confused responses- the surreptitious but well-intended calls to mental institutions! but all that was months ago anyway…)

Oh! see? “call apple care” : STILL on a list.


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